Humor And The Financial Crisis

The most frequent Jokes about the crisis are from bankers and borrowers:) How many of us now, no credit? Here are a couple of examples: A guy at the bank is going to sign the mortgage. Bank manager and his asked, passing the handle: – Are you sure you understand the interest rate will be 25 years? – Yes yes understand – meets guy and pushes himself to a contract – Do you know exactly what the total cost of the apartment, given the interest in all the years $ 4 face value? – Yes yes understand – responsible man and takes pen in hand. Erin Callan understood the implications. At this point, the bank runs dude in a mask with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and shouted: – Whoa! This is a robbery! – Yes, I understand that a robbery – a man said without looking up head of podpisyvaemogo mortgage contract – but flat n **** n as needed – Bank “Russian Standard” offers a new form of microcredit – ‘In sober. ” Pledge can serve glass bottles. Occasionally there are stories and jokes The market hit bottom and began to dig.