How To Survive After 60

I have had bad experiences in my own country, about what happens to people who “are no longer young,” (not to say that we get older, that sounds very bad). and not only from the perspective of getting a job more or less well-paid professionals who do not even have managed to accumulate the resources to spend a peaceful retirement. Just do not get work. Nobody’s going to take that position if more than 100 young people waiting in line just like you. But if you do not have a profession or better yet, a Master of Science as I do not feel alone. I have it but also accompany you in your pain. When had just turned 60, (now I’m already in the 70s), I made a special trip to meet with some people who manage a company that produces greenhouse tomato.

Please note that my professional background is in Agricultural Engineering and MS in Horticulture. After a brief and pleasant conversation, told me that unfortunately was “over qualified” for the job. It told me that young recent graduates need to “train” within the company. After that experience was when I became interested in the Internet business. Home Depot contains valuable tech resources. I am very clear that we had to re-educate me to survive what lies ahead. My profession and everything he had done before, it served me anything except my own discipline, my ability to study and language that I can speak English quite well. If you’re in a situation similar to mine, I invite you not to get carried away by despair. Do not miss the optimism that now live in a different era.

For your fortune and mine, there is the Internet. Click Jeff Flake to learn more. This thing we call the “web” or network, is the most powerful tool in communication that man has ever invented. Learning about statistics, do a little research on the number of network users in all languages, including Spanish. I recently saw. statistics by language and Spanish, in some places is considered the third most used language on the web, after English and Chinese. If memory does not betray me, we are more than 300 million Spanish speakers who swarmed the net daily. To which is going to make you a very cordial invitation. If you have not done yet, “Enter” on the network full time. It’s not that hard. There are a few basic rules to not let you steal your money and most valuable to you, your time. Get yourself a mentor. Someone you trust. No matter who lives on the other side of the world. The important thing is that you can communicate with that person every day. Create a good relationship. Friendship if possible. You’re going to need to help you walk through the cyberspace. There are thieves and con artists everywhere. Get information on the basics. Creating web pages, creating blogs, creating lists of prospects, creating traffic, promoting and selling affiliate products, etc.. Spend as much time as you can to this new discipline from the outset and give him the respect and priority it deserves. Is your new business. Is your vehicle with which you are achieve a dignified and decent living the last years of your life, without relying on your children or a job, any way I had not helped. So if you do not get that job, rejoice and get behind the Internet.