Giant Wet Shaver In The Port Of Hamburg Surfaced

U boat brings the world’s first HYDRO, the first men’s care wet Shaver on the surface of the water Hamburg, 22.10.2010. Attention new men’s wet Shaver in Germany showed up! In the port of Hamburg, the world’s largest men’s was spotted wet Shaver. The safety razor manufacturer Wilkinson Sword from Solingen presented its latest safety razor along with the nemo dive tourism, equipped with over 90 patents. HYDRO is the only men’s shavers in the world, who directly cultivates the facial skin of the men with a water-activated gel reservoir on the blade during shaving. A submarine of HYDRO, appeared first men’s care wet shavers of the world in the sand gate port of Hamburg. 3, 50 m length and a blade width of 1, 20 m caused the HYDRO for attention. Wilkinson HYDRO: The world’s first HYDRO convinces with a refreshing and invigorating gel reservoir that directly moisturizes while shaving at each turn. Read more from ZDNet to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In contrast to conventional men’s HYDRO of skin does not return active moisture wet razors. Another Care highlight the five newly developed UltrGlide are blades with the patented skin guards. This unique Blade innovation allows gentle gliding and reduces skin irritation at the same time. The integrated flip trimmer ensures a perfect shave, even in hard to reach places. Wilkinson Sword / Energizer group Germany: The competences of all brands of Wilkinson Sword GmbH are bundled under the umbrella of the Energizer group.

In Germany the battery Energizer and Eveready and the suncare brands to the Energizer group in addition to the Wilkinson Sword GmbH Hawaiian tropic brand. The product portfolio under the new roof of the Energizer group includes so blades men’s and ladies wet shaving systems, shaving toiletries manicure / pedicure products as well as technologically advanced batteries, including Energizer brand batteries, Eveready, Energizer e2, Energizer e2 photo lithium, rechargeable batteries and lighting products, and Chargers. Suntan lotion, suntan lotion and after-Sun products round off the portfolio. The Energizer group Germany employs approximately 700 employees at the location Solingen.