Federal University

Of this form, this formation was better of what of axle 1, and I have certainty that of axle 3, will be better of what of axle 2, and thus, successively, therefore it is in this direction that we walk, all we who we are involved. It is, why, before everything, we believe that an education publishes and of quality in the field it is possible. Ademais is in this walked that we will long for the politics publishes come back toward the field. Let us be persistent that in the end we will have the result of which as much we wait. 3. Too much excellent registers (it registers its impressions on the development of the work, reactions of the group at the diverse moments of the activity, conduction of the activities for /a formador/a, experience of the planning and other aspects that to judge important): In the sunday with the expectation to catch road and to make one of the things that more taste, to fulfill with my social duty, in this bigger interest I follow convicta of mine to make. Then soon more in the end of the afternoon we had credenciamento and after at the beginning of the night we had the opening that it was very good, therefore did not have the formation of the table that demand time and of fast form, less important the Coordinator together did not present the team with the institutions partners and in more it had the lecture with the Horasa teacher, who was faithful to the fulfilment of the schedule. Since the beginning the schedule was respected what it made possible one better exploitation of the foreseen activities. In second, at the moment of the received one I perceived that the group expresses its contentment with the calosidade of the same one. Perhaps for being satisfied in having received kits of the Federal University and the Secretariat of Education of the State (partners of the project).