Federal Prescription

Clothes, perfumes and accessories: it always buys direct of the site of the mark (www.marca.com)? GAP, ARMANI, VICTORIA? S SECRETS, NIKE, POLAR REGION, OAKLEY is only some between the sets of ten of available marks. 2? It enters in contact with one of the many sites of Brazilians who inhabit in U.S.A. and give to the service of purchase and forwarding of products under order. It distrusts of the people who to say to it that it is fast that you do not go to pay no tax: Stated period: in best of the hypotheses you make the payment and the virtual store confirms the act of receiving in 1 day. Plus one day to buy and for in the post office.

More 20 days of post office. MINIMUM total: 22 days. Tax of Importation: they are only exempt of taxes books, remedies and any other products whose price, added at the cost of sending, either inferior US 50,00. All the too much products are taxed in 60% of the value of the product added at the cost of sending. Limit: the maximum value of the IMPORTATION OF PRODUCTS OF U.S.A. THROUGH the POST OFFICES is of US$ 3,000, 00. 3? It combines with the service lender the stated periods and tax of remuneration to be paid.

Generally these sites charge a percentage on the price of its purchase. 4? It effects the payment and it waits its order in the comfort of its house. THE ELECTRONIC IMPORTATION AND OTHERS PRODUCTS OF U.S.A. THROUGH the POST OFFICES function and really he is so simple how much described here. If you already heard histories of that she does not function or that the product was imprisoned, you are certain: the purchaser or the salesman had tried to burlar the Federal Prescription and had been pegos. Summarizing: not that migraine? It pays the tax! Unhappyly (or happily) it is thus, who tries to burlar the Federal Prescription finishes if giving badly more early or later. Finishing, the secret is in finding somebody you in who trusts to give the service. It sufficiently searches the lender of service before effecting its purchase. If you were interested in MATTERING DIRECTLY OF U.S.A. you feel yourself invited to visit our site and in them to send its doubts through the guide Contacts. One I hug and good purchases! Joo Almeida also Reads: BECAUSE THE BRAZILIANS PAY IN SUCH A WAY FOR IMPORTED ELECTRONIC OF U.S.A.