Federal Government

The decree of desapropriaos was signed in day 10 of November de1998, Decree n 238 of 11 of Dezembrode 1998.J the Brasipaiva nesting, oriundo of one processode agrarian reform with dispossession and distribution of the lots occurred em2.000 and counts today on 35 families. The two nestings they count on a estruturarazovel: school, water, partial electric energy inside of vilarejo beyond depequenos commerce. The areas of the nestings abrangemum total approached of 27.995, 1988 ha., being that of these, To all, the two nestings hold 390 families approximately. Aprincipal economic source of these families is the Stock market Family of the Federale Government the familiar agriculture that if finds in decay due to insentivo efalta of deals for sales of the production, most of the production is destinadapara feeding of the families. Currently great part of them parceleirosdesenvolvem the creation of cut cattle and milk with the purpose of if manterno nesting.

The year-old calves are vendidos for great creators of the city euma small amount are destined to the Cut, for sales deal in it local. CHARACTERIZATION OF the GREAT AND SMALL COUNTRY PROPERTIES OF the MUNICPIODE SANTA CRUZ OF the XINGU-MT the agrarian structure of the city is representadapor 200 small properties (up to 1.000 hectares), 100mdias properties (of 1.000 up to 5.000 hectares), eaproximadamente 70 great properties (above of 5.000 hectares) (DONIN, 2006). Algunsproprietriospraticam epecuria agriculture, however in differentiated spaces however in form of handling adopting oprocesso of recovery, the ground through correction of acidity and fertilization. Some proprietors remain with the cattle one, others had adhered mainly to the practical daagricultura: rice and soy. Being that in harvest 2.001/2.002 foramplantadas 1,000 hectares of rice and 800 hectares of soy. In harvest 2.002/2.003 5,500 hectares had been planted dearroz and 1,500 hectares of the soy and in harvest 2.003/2.004 had been planted 5,500 hectares dearroz and 2,500 hectares of soy.