Eye Care Should Be Taken Seriously

It requires a good eye care, if you would like to receive sight in old age. The eyes have to do much with. The Professional Association of ophthalmologists recommends that people over the age of 40 should undergo an annual screening appointment with an ophthalmologist. Many diseases can be detected already in the run-up to and treated in a timely manner. Just eye diseases often occur in people 50 as the Green star. In addition, work on-screen, dry heat, cold air, cigarette smoke, poor illumination of reading corners and much more straining our eyes. This strain does not without a trace passes us and important eye care is therefore taken as a general. Who maintains his eyes, making them resistant.

The sight is a matter of course for us and therefore we should pay attention to our eyes really better. We remember only at the sight of a blind person, that sight is transitory or we are confronted with old people, whose eyesight fades. Problems in the age avoid, if we keep our eyes, as we also skin and hair care, last a lifetime. Just imagine, you could no longer see your children who do not perceive the natural beauty or go for a walk alone. People with eye diseases can no longer do these simple things. Fortunately, more and more, people perceive the importance of eye care and do something for themselves.

Even if you can’t get paid nowadays many health-related measures by the health insurance fund, there are but the realization that the eyesight must be maintained and protected. The industry has set itself and the selection of drops, lenses, eye-friendly cosmetics and good sunglasses is an indication. People who work a lot on the screen, look in particular for a sufficient distance to the screen. Here are 50 to 70 cm. People who smoke, should of course pay attention to a balanced diet and provide ausreigende supply of vitamins A, C and E. Fruit juices are used as Sources of the vitamin. In addition, salad or vegetables should be eaten as snacks of fruit and at every meal. In addition to simple relaxation exercises such as eyeball rolling and the focus on your own finger and a somewhat more distant subject, there are of course massage, where you gently rubbing the nose with thumb and middle finger and press with your index finger between the eyebrows. This lets you circle the fingers slightly and can perform this massage easily several times a day.