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What features and advantages of joint Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management that is needed for admission to it – these and other questions are answered by Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, University of CROC, Head of International Economics and Business, PhD, Professor Vera Vladimirovna Rokochaya. – What is the Ukrainian-Austrian program? Tell me about Since it was created in 2008 in Ukraine implemented by an international educational and scientific project "Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management." Osnovopolozhnye components of the program can be defined as fundamentally new for Ukraine. The novelty lies in the fact that the first Austrian University, entered with his academic and research program in the educational area of Ukraine. Also for the first time the subject of a joint program was the preparation of Ukrainian students in accordance with Austrian standards, which are harmonized with the European. In addition, the first area of cooperation between Ukrainian and Austrian universities became training for the export-oriented economy in Ukraine.

Finally, the first Ukrainian students have the opportunity semester internship. Very important is that the program allows it graduates receive two state diplomas of higher education: Ukrainian and Austrian. In realization of Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management are participating University Economics and Law "CRIC" (Kiev, Ukraine) and the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems (University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria). History of the creation of the program rather ordinary. It can clearly be seen a few stages. First exposure occurred at a of international conferences. Representatives of the universities have noticed each other because they share a common academic understanding of the role and place of applied knowledge in the training system international economist, open-mindedness, determination of the quality of the educational process.