Emails More Effective

Applying this tactic will improve the contact by e-mail with your customers effortlessly look which makes the majority of managers and administrative companies. -Some have not signed messages. -Others do with a simple greetings, Juan Perez. -People who have more knowledge of business communication places the contact under the name data. -Few placed a header. -Nobody placed header with logos, name of company, link to the website and Google Maps, hours of care, link to frequently asked questions and all the information that is relevant in the case. So that your contacts are effective you must solve all the problems, eliminate all obstacles between the problem you are having your client and the solution you offer.

You must kill the doubts to pave the way to the cash register, buy button or the purchase order. Most of the programs or applications for email management allow design and preconfigure a signature. After reading this notice you are going to make a signature in your e-mail program and you’re going to preconfigure so that it appears in all new emails, replies and forwards. You must first generate the information that you are going to include, you must:-achieve the logos of your company in a JPG format of one 700 pixels wide and no more than 100 tall. -Find the location of your business in Google Maps and copy the link. -Annotate your user on Skype, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or the communication channel you use. -Find phone numbers, internal and prefixes to call from your city and from other countries. You can do your signature with that material.

Outlook must open a new email and then the option search for signatures (the location of the button varies depending on the version). Signature should look like this: * start of example of header and signature * LOGOS here Group Botix Adolfo Alsina 3224 city of Buenos Aires see directions (011) 4932-1630 4957-8354 dear @ client: If you need additional information can be contacted with us in the following ways: – entering – calling to the (011) 4957-8354 4932-1630 Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 – by visiting us at our premises of Adolfo Alsina 3224, Almagro (to 4 blocks from Plaza eleven), Monday through Friday from 9 to 18. I am waiting for your comments. Cordially, Homero Fernandez. Group Botix solutions amazing 4957-8354 4932-1630 visit us and be surprised what we are waiting for SKYPE: Group Botix * end example * when you have to answer an email simply replaces where says dear @ client by the name of the recipient of the message. If you are going to use a predesigned simply mail you will need to select the entire header and delete it before gluing the other text. When you become familiar with this resource you will need to show it to your administrative employees for use by them also. Remember that business management is to develop, standardize, systematize, document, educate, and delegate. I suggest that you now configure your signature and in a week I comment as you It has proved. Leave your questions and comments in the form that appears below. I will personally respond to your comments.