Driving Tour Scandinavia

Scandinavia is an incredible and magical, but very extensive land and with considerable distance between points of interest. One of the options more comfortable to travel around is by car and caravan or motorhome. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages: while the caravan offers greater comfort during the journey and avoids the hassle of having to install every time, if you are planning to visit towns is more comfortable to go by car to rent or own. However, if Scandinavia you is a little far away, have another option: fly to the tip of the peninsula and from there to reserve a car in some of the existing car rental companies. Two starting points are usually: Malmo, Sweden; and Oslo, Norway. In both places you can rent a car and start the tour of this wonderful land. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pacific Mortgage Services offers on the topic.. The trip by the Scandinavian peninsula often leads to North Cape, in the extreme north of Norway, where in summer it is possible to contemplate the famous midnight sun. Along the way there are the wonderful Norwegian fjords, a fairly long road but which however is worth by your great beauty.

It is also recommended to make a stop in the Lofoten Islands, where in summer often have colonies of whales and you have the possibility of making a safari. Down from North Cape also worth approaching the Finnish Lapland region, especially for visiting the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi. in Finland and Sweden the routes are more straight than the Norwegian fjords and you can’t afford greater convenience in transportation. Or, if not much interested in the route between the forests of Sweden or you just in time, you have another option: take a flight to Stockholm, arriving at Stockholm renting a cheap car and make the final leg of journey from there. What if worth is approaching the tip of Sweden in Malmo, not by the city itself but by the impressive bridge that links this country with Denmark, the longest in Europe. In addition, thus you have the option to close your trip with a flourish with a visit to Copenhagen.