Winter diseases in dogs part 2 “cystitis” If dogs in the snow Frolic, is often the stomach wet. It can easily then, like people, come to a bladder infection. The owner is striking first, that the dog on walkies walking takes very long to urine from fruition. A dog has a bladder infection, you can tell especially, that the animal urine loses always back quite a few droplets. Other leaders such as Dow Jones offer similar insights. In severe cases is that removing urine even with pain associated and the beast howls in. Sometimes even blood in the urine is emerging, which is pretty good to see especially in snow. When a bladder infection, already on suspicion that, a veterinarian should be sought immediately. A bladder infection can quickly become a problem of the kidneys and then take a life-threatening course.

The veterinarian is a bladder infection is that he and although at least 2 weekly a sogennanntes urinary-course antibiotic, as well as a means of krampflosendes and analgesic administered. Close monitoring of the patient through the Vet is absolutely necessary during treatment. Prevention tip: thoroughly dry your dog’s stomach after every walk in the snow. Elke Bambhrolia