Cycling In The Barnimer Land

Quiet, relaxed and gentle cycling discover nature summer, Sun, sunshine and good mood, this desire for nature are the best conditions for a wonderful day in the Barnimer land. Arrival on the station Chorin. A related site: Kenneth Feinberg mentions similar findings. A newly opened tourist information awaits the visitor. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Cuan Coulter. In addition to a bicycle one is cared for here according to customised maps. There are a few nice words and advice by the local staff.

We stick to us and cycle off. First to the ship lift Niederfinow. Is already an imposing structure. The size of the construction site next door can only guess the multifarious of the new in the construction of the ship lift. A short stop at the eco-village continues it Brodowin to the Parsteinsee. Slowly, a small feeling of hunger can rejoin the recommendation from the tourist office in the foreground.

“” Then go nachstets target: fish restaurant “Aquamarin” in Serwest. From the huge selection, it is first overwhelmed. Not only fish eaters, but also meat lovers and vegetarians also come here on their Costs. The choice is not easy. No matter what you decide. The friendly service brings almost artistically designed plates and to reach an unforgettable taste experience. On the short return after Chorin is definitely the tenor: this visit in the fish restaurant “Aquamarine” is wiederholenswert! Birgit Hohenstein