most important, that metal cufflinks and watches as the combined color and shade. For example, the cuff of White gold is not necessarily suited to the steel strap watches, but the rhodium coating will blend perfectly with the steel. Tip 6. Recollect also about belt buckle. Here can share secret: widespread kit “Gold watch – steel belt buckle,” which itself often hurts the eyes to its inconsistency, perfectly harmonized combination of metal studs. For example, Cascade cufflinks with rhodium and gold by Philip Laurence (Switzerland) which are a sort of “tie” the two into one accessory kit.

Or another common stylistic error: light suit and shirt is rarely combined with bright black belt. In this case, we can prigasit this discrepancy cufflinks made of white metal with black enamel and semiprecious stones. For example, cuff links, black onyx Quadrille of Dalvey (Scotland). Tip 7. We recall some basic colors tie is a man.

Cuff links must in harmony with the tie. You can remember the classic rule of three colors, which suggests that more than three colors in one image link can only genius of style. Business etiquette in these three colors to add Only one color metal. For example: 1) white shirt, 2) a gray suit, black shoes, belt, and briefcase (it’s all different shades of one color), and 3) we are left with only one color on the cuff links and tie, and the color is due to the metal available hours and a buckle strap. Or if we have already included there are two metal (eg, different hours and belt buckle), the cuff should combine both metal, but for everything else we’re left with only two colors (eg white shirt, black tie and black suit). Tip 8. Young men (especially under 30 years) are usually very happy unusual cuff links (for example, in the form of animal figures or cufflinks in the form of a skull from Thompson (England)). If you are looking for cufflinks man for 45 years, who had not distinguished by extravagance in the choice of accessories and apparel, choose the classic (for example, rose gold cufflinks from Tateossian (England)). Tip 9. Incredibly important for online purchases. All cufflinks with crystals (whether diamonds or Swarovski stones just) look very festive. Even if the picture you see lights and glitter, then remember: live cufflinks are elegant. So if you are looking for cufflinks every day or very humble man, more limited dull stones and enamel. Tip 10. It often happens that a person’s status has already put forward their demands to the present. For example, the head of luxury to give better Cufflinks with real silver watch or cufflinks with mother of pearl from Tateossian (England). Tip 11. If you do not know the person who is going to give cuff links, or you just hard to make a choice, each manufacturer has universal models. These models are: polished stainless steel cufflinks, cufflinks with onyx or hematite square cufflink with pink gold, and many others. The main thing here: classicism of form and color of the stone or restrained enamel (black, gray or pearl).