MONLOGO The anguish, that I am direction, is fluid. How to understand something so challenging and strange? In one instant it seems so obvious and soft; In other, occult and errifying. To broaden your perception, visit David Rogier. What more we desire is certain reply: Clarification on all and of everything an incessant search of ' ' real' '! if it will not be what he is? I turn myself toward the quadrant involves that Sees me solitude and feverish state. Are four so next sides e, equivalent, distant: Plain mirrors that offer to infinite dimensions to me. In the truth, he was imprisoned in a mrbido dream! The more it walked, more dimensions made use me to they. Here it is that my optic directions perceive a fixed point Sad ilusrio perceivable act (devaneio)! It strengtove no matter how hard me to understand I only could accept what it was given and will never come back. Vi the condition of mine intelectus: estarrecido! They never finished; start was always return! That they forgive me the scholars of all the times and the linguistic until then constituted: Everything was (it happened) as one big ben in the speed of the light! How, then, to nominar and to appraise its to guard and its desvelamento? Enderson Pear tree. 31/10/2011.