Chains, There Are Many Types… Silver Chains

What, and how they were created. A small excursion through the history. Chains, there are many types. For one, here are the imaginary chains, which one should drop as quickly as possible or even blow up. On the other hand the real, heavy steel or iron. These consist of individual interconnected links and better should not be detonated because she generally supposed to something important, such as for example a ship or its counterpart, the anchor.

Then, there are of course there the chains to wear as jewelry, from noble materials, such as silver, gold or pearls. The latter is there for the neck, ankle, wrist, the watch, the tie or the glasses. They can be made by the Goldsmith with the hand or machine made. If one is not exactly a university rector, Dean, or mayor, and bears the official insignia of the power chain, the jewelry style is determined mostly by the fashion. In the 15th and 16th centuries were the necklaces made of gold or silver still big and heavy, and were worn exclusively by men. Only in the second half of the 16th century, chains were occupied more easily and with pearls or precious stones. Today, chains, and especially the silver chains belong to the daily appearance of people. You can underline to the clothing or its type.

They’re now not only of precious metal or beads, but from a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, Horn, bone, rubber, plastic, and probably also from all remaining materials. And of course carried chains today not only of men but of any gender and any age group. Well, the tie chain might not. SID Kroker