Business Expression

But, unfortunately, not everyone. In addition, the evaluation built on the subjective impressions are often misleading. So there is a need for creating and using formal methods, and a growing number of companies began to use psychological tests. Digression into the The earliest history of the development of tests to evaluate the professional correspondence dealt mainly with vocational guidance. The aim of such tests – to determine the direction of the activity in which people will work most effectively, such as 'man-tech', 'man-nature', 'people-person', 'man-mark'. They are designed for teens who choose a future profession, and people who have decided to change profession. Their main drawback is the use of direct questions, whose meaning is obvious to the test.

If the objective of man was the choice of an educational institution, such tests have worked relatively well. But as soon as the motive to take desired position, testing began consciously or unconsciously, customized responses against expected results. Nevertheless, professional orientation tests for a long time been used in hiring and evaluation of conformity positions. One of the relatively successful developments in this direction was the career guidance test, made on the basis of MMPI. Giving a multilevel analysis of individual test opened not obvious quality used projective questions and a good mathematical tool. 'Cheat' it was quite difficult. But he still remained a career guidance test, giving only general directions of activity, but not the extent to which the candidate specific requirements of the post. Other disadvantages of this test can be attributed to cumbersome.