Art Construction

How much to this objective it is seen necessary, to put the project the release of a band of 40x20m in the bordering streets what it would reduce the area of the park beyond impactar on the same, adds it this apparent real estate speculation. 7,4 DISPOSSESSION OF the INTEREST AREA This stage of the project deals with a complicated point, the dispossession reveals as one empecilho for accomplishment of the project, therefore demand of high investment, the project cites deep collected for private initiative, but it does not specify its ways. To this if they add invaded areas which being in irregular way add plus a great difficulty, therefore the withdrawal of families who already inhabit in this area implies in social problems, Beyond entering in conflict with the Art. 68 of the Law n 1773 of 16/12/1991. Art. 68 the existing constructions in the Zone of Preservao Ambiental (ZPA) in disconformity with the present Law, either how much to the use or occupation of the ground, they will be kept while to last the respective licenses legally. 7,5 CERCAMENTO AND 7.5.1 PRESERVATION Wall the wall suggested for the author of the project with the conservation intention enters in conflict in colon: the first one would be how much the construction in double wall, which the reason it does not explain, in seeming unnecessary adding bigger costs in its construction.

It is calculated that the construction of a simple wall would fulfill the function to hinder the entrance of wild animals in the bordering residences. In such a way it presents greater easiness so that the inhabitants can follow the definitive stated period (12 months), from the date of the alteration of the law. As the point to be salient, is that the wall although to protect the inhabitants, restricts and delimits the space for the animals that inhabit there, with this, harming the ecological niche of the species, mainly of terrestrial habits.