Another Business Idea

How strange to watch a fantastic nonsense involved in most of us. Read more here: Federal Reserve Bank. How stupidly we spend our fate allotted time. Life of an advance to the salary and on vacation to leave. And the eternal problem – there will be enough to pay money or have to borrow, will not delay a payment, do not forget I pay the regular loan payment? Where to get money to spend your vacation just as you want? Where can I find resources on health care, education? It would be nice to have a new machine. And the apartment would have to change – but it's really quite out of the realm of fantasy, it's not for us, for others – more affluent, more successful, more more free? And what is – and always will be? And today, tomorrow and next year? And after ten years? That in our life is such a valuable, that we are so afraid of change? What we risk? Hateful job – from start to finish, the need to communicate with the head, depending on his mood? Habit – just come to work immediately begin wait for lunch? It was not so far back in history gone times, when in Russia the word business was not just dirty, it was utterly criminal.

There was no concept of – an honest business, had no idea – private business. Any business, any attempt to even the business were originally criminal. Illegal. The man could not say with quiet pride about himself and his work: 'This is my business, albeit a small business, but this is my and only my business.