Affordable Housing For Soldiers: Military Mortgage

According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in housing or housing improvement needs of more than 150 thousand families of the military. Fact becomes relevant military mortgage, which the authorities are engaged in the development for several years. Developing the concept of military mortgage was completed in late 2005 and in April 2006, the State Duma passed amendments to the Law 'On Status of Servicemen', according to which the military to the contract after January 1, 2005, will be able to buy an apartment with a special mortgage program. Participation in military mortgage can take non-commissioned officers and warrant officers, the total length of service for which the contract is three years, as well as sergeants and sergeants, soldiers and sailors who have entered a second contract. Prior to the adoption of the law the Ministry of Defence has identified the special depository, which will control the military money mortgage – it was the company 'guarantor'. In addition, identified 10 companies that will manage these funds. Among the 25 bidders have been selected 'Uralsib', 'Troika Dialog', 'Kit-finance', Rosbank Management, 'Leader', 'Interfin Capital', 'Region C Management', 'Aton-Management' CC 'Kapital' and 'Regiongaz finance'. To date, military mortgage is only available for election. For example, in 2007, program participants will be only 300 troops – is the first experiment, the holding of which allocated 100 million rubles. For the vast majority of military mortgages will be available at best by 2010.