The demand for skilled and specialized personnel increases with age. What employers are looking for is personal to know work and do not need a long period of training because it knows the work routines. That is why FP schools prepare young people to playground day they can respond to those needs of the world of work. Vocational training ahead of the University in many ways. The career that began a few years ago is unstoppable by placing the preparation of you students who attend these studies, among the most demanded by the business world.You can follow two paths to train you in FP: degree, vocational training of top grade training cycles.

Finished the career of FP, once retrieved the title d higher level training, you can continue studying, and access to the University.The demand of the company and of the aluno are seen covers the offer of FP. They are studies with heavy practice load. As a result the student reaches the market manejandose well in the profession who has studied. There are branches of specialization in the most varied: Administration, business, technical fields, artistic, scientific. Vocational training of top grade covers so many areas that each choose an opuede lo qe best suits you.The structure of these studies aims to adapt to the working world and offers its students abilities to assume responsibilities, plan its work carried out and evaluate is Basic.