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Successfully Presented At Drupa 2012

Individual exhibition systems for a successful appearance at the drupa 2012 at drupa 2012 is the world’s largest trade fair for print media. The areas of printing, prepress, bindery, printing and paper processing are presented in the Messe Dusseldorf since 1951 at regular intervals. Thus, the fair for a fixed meeting place has become. Whenever Ray Bradbury listens, a sympathetic response will follow. From the 3rd until May 16, 2012 trade visitors and industry leader in the fair to meet Dusseldorf to present the latest trends and developments in the printing industry. Appealing to present the cutting-edge technologies of the industry, the selection of the appropriate trade fair system is an important factor to make a positive first impression among visitors. With the mobile EX POMADE trade fair system, you can successfully made the appearance at drupa. The Central design element, the 50 m-high trade fair Tower, a consistent advertising can be used, providing a seamless presentation area width up to 2 m for the central message. Peter Schiff is actively involved in the matter. The Height of 3, 5 m in addition ensures that the message already visibly perceived from afar and stand out against the competition.

Also provides the waiver flat carrier for an open exhibition area can be used to present the own services and products. The direct installation of digital elements in the State system, also multimedia and digital content can be arranged to address not only the visitors of drupa, but also that the drupa innovation park and expand the circle of visitors. As a mobile system also in the larger premises of over 50 m booth the EX POMADE can be used. The modular concept allows the quick and easy extension of the fair system so that the system can be used also on other fairs. The Cologne production company LA CONCEPT provides optimal on-site service headquartered in Cologne, Germany, to accompany the exhibit at the fair at drupa. On the new platform can more Get information about the trade fair system EX POMADE and obtained a first impression about the numerous possibilities. As an official EX POMADE dealer offers LA CONCEPT more accessory options to equip the system with the same fair system design and allow complete customization the predetermined corporate design.

MasterCard Payment

With Visa payWave completes the easycash GmbH their contactless portfolio in Ratingen, April 2012. With the certification of the Visa payWave cards of the payment cards organization Visa Europe a company of Ingenico completes easycash, group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), its contactless acquiring portfolio. easycash offers now the acceptance of all contactless card standards available then in Germany. These include MasterCard PayPass, girogo and Visa payWave. Merchant-side is necessary for the acceptance of the new contactless cards in addition to the appropriate acquiring contracts a NFC-enabled terminal of the latest generation. Licensing for Visa payWave was in February 2012.

“last but not least the EuroCIS 2012 has shown that contactless is top on the agenda of trade”, stresses Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH. “With the Visa payWave-acquiring the easycash rounds off its contactless portfolio.” Contactless: number variant with future easycash allows it its customers, all currently available contactless card standards from one Hand to settle so that a service from which they can benefit economically opens up the dealers: the cash flow will be sustainably increased, because the payment is faster and even so-called micro-payments – amounts in the single-digit or low double-digit euro range – increasingly paid for by card. The card must be kept for a contactless card payments only to a compatible terminal device to trigger the transaction. The NFC payment chips intended to be, incorporated in future in Germany, for example, in watches, key fobs or mobile phones making non-cash payments in addition will win on appeal. Currently, there are contactless offers from visa (payWave), MasterCard (PayPass) Europe and the German Sparkassen – und Giroverband (girogo GeldKarte). The output by around 500,000 Visa payWave cards intends Visa Europe according to own statements until end of 2012 in Germany.

These already have the BW Bank, comdirect, DKB, Landesbank Berlin, TARGOBANK, Volkswagen Bank and Postbank in their cooperation said from the middle of the year. The Deutsche Sparkassen – und Giroverband (DSGV) is planning to distribute to autumn around 1 million girogo charge card cards to its customers. Currently there are already 231 million contactless cards in circulation, of which around 100 million MasterCard PayPass cards worldwide, 31 million Visa payWave cards by Visa Europe and more 100 million from Visa Inc. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet about easycash and easycash loyalty solutions easycash and easycash loyalty solutions are part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. As a payment institution (“payment institution”) the easycash GmbH enables customers to participate in the electronic payments across Europe. At six complete a total of 530 employees trade, gastronomy and financial industry payment services including various innovative value creation opportunities offer European locations. easycash is Germany’s leading card payment provider and serves 92,000 dealers with 283.000 terminals. 2011, the settled payment transactions in Germany amounted to over 1.25 billion transactions. easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the German market leader for card-based customer loyalty and gift voucher solutions, which are equipped also with payment and credit card functions. The sister company of easycash GmbH maintains a variety of diverse programs and processed 2010 35 million payment and bonus transactions throughout Europe. The Hamburg company’s 75 employees serve more than 26 million customer accounts.

Sustainability And Social In The Fashion Industry

The PR agency THE COUP fashionmanagement advise your designers on the subject of sustainable production and social campaigns Berlin, October 25, 2010: THE COUP is a Public Relations, marketing & media consulting agency founded in March 2010. The Agency’s focus is in the innovative fashion management. Young, talented designers be targeted with a new and comprehensive strategy for a label creation and brand establishment and promoted. THE COUP fashionmanagement advises its designer in terms of urgency, responsibly and sustainably to produce fashion. Diversity and variety of forms is required, designers create a shell with your creations for the otherwise naked body. This body should be protected, but also in the process of the design and manufacturing must be respected on organic materials on fair working conditions, as well as optimal delivery. Here, Federal Reserve Chair expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Green fashion is social fashion, the one the other pulls with and can’t live without the other.

Consumers have the power, the economy to draw a conscious manufacturing. THE COUP fashionmanagement advises its designers with regard to this urgency, because only if the range of green fashion goes, more and more customers for green fashion are interested. Because each piece of clothing is an expression of the wearer in relation to its environmental responsibility and his fellow. “So it was that the Agency of THE COUP on the new green clothing store de la ROE” has become aware (Berlin-Charlottenburg). Nick Carr will not settle for partial explanations. The young owner Malinka Reme (26) sets sustainability in the fashion industry as an example: de la deer make sure that in this Green clothing store not sad and wasteful, but authenthische, trustworthy and innovative stories, where in any way must be abandoned to style and design.

Every woman is something special and just as de la ROE is: individual, timeless and self-confident, always slightly different. So every label goes its own way, green”to define; whether production circumstances, choice of materials or Support local industry. The current brand Kuyichi, beyond include skin, Bllack Noir, Julia Starp, Jellah, mandala, Caro E., and Makki. Each label and each piece of clothing writes his own history. Their stories are different, but they end with a common goal: change, improvement, progress. Change the world; It needs it.”is quoted on the homepage of de la Reh Bertold Brecht, the shop shows the theme of recycling: old shutters, which were polished to a new decoration pieces. And to the rain forest coffee that is served in the pleasant atmosphere, woman can be admired the Makki pockets are formed from remnants of the fishing industry to design classics.