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Political Dynamics

In the geopolitical realm due to the strategic location of Venezuela, can be further developed with partner companies, treaties of navigation and any other area that is similar, eg the military sector. Economic Strengths With Venezuela in its energy deals has a great strength which are the oil and gas reserves. Although during the oil strike of 2002 the majority of PDVSA employees left, a new human talent that makes a herculean effort to maintain daily operation of production and trade, in order to meet national and international commitments, including maintaining the current treaties. In Political Dynamics and proactive foreign trade policy makes inroads in Venezuela in the interest of other countries to strengthen relations and make treaties which benefit both. Economic Threats Due In that Venezuela has the oil revenues for supporting the economy, lowering them would be considered a threat to continue with the projects involved in the treaties.

In Political Any violent rupture of a treaty between governments for political or ideological differences came into being. Suggestions The world requires increasingly greater political, cultural, economic, and social, that is why international treaties play a fundamental role. However, the government could implement the following recommendations: The state should provide greater information support for the participation of SMEs in their bilateral economic, technological, educational. It suggests making state participation wheels unemployed professionals in all areas and give them opportunities to identify what treatment they can use to go to another partner country to be trained and in return, take that human talent to put it in their governmental institutions to prevent the leakage of intellectual capital and human resources to improve government. Example Venezuela-German bilateral treaty in the area of transportation. Keep the agreement with Russia and China and find a way to add more areas of interest for development, for example, parts for network systems equipment, design of specialized computer programs for SMEs, for example, that there is more technology transfer to Venezuelan companies in the industry.

Mining Industry

With many years high speed development, China mining machinery market beyond North America, Japan, Western Europe, became the largest mining machinery market in the world. In this process, on the one hand, the overseas mining machinery giants came into Chinese market. On the other hand, the domestic mining machinery enterprises developed rapidly, and began to act as the protagonist at the stage of Chinese mining machinery market. In recent years, crusher and ball mill industry have achieved great development in China and the sales volume is on the increase obviously. Crusher is widely used in many sectors such as mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry etc. However, at the same time, the industry is also food challenges with crusher. As the large producing nation of mining machinery, many companies have chosen to enter the field of crusher and ball mill, which makes the market competition fiercer. Under the situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, if the company wants to survive in the market and gain to i.fhsp, it is necessary to continuously improve product quality and create its own brand, wining absolute superiority in the competition.

As for the ultrafine ball mill in milling equipment, the fineness of the powder determines the performance of the ball mill accessories. Thus, the qualified ball mill is the mill equipment that can guarantee long-term processing of fine powder. When purchasing milling equipment, customers must be particularly concerned about the fineness of the mill processing. The fineness of the powders determines the performance of the ball mill, and the qualified ball mill is a strong guarantee of the powder fineness. Fineness test is an experimental work to specify powder fineness property characteristics through instruments and methods. Different applications requires variously to the characteristics of powder.

And among all the indicators that reflect the characteristics of the powder, the fineness distribution draws the most attention. There is no doubt that the quality of the product should be put in the first place all the time. As for the industry, to ensure the quality crusher of crusher equipment is the weapon to success of the enterprise. Generally, gravel production equipment consists of crusher, feeder, sand maker, vibrating screen and so on, but crusher is core of the whole production process. Crusher can be divided into the host machine and the wearable removals and the wearable removals are the soul of the crusher. At present, in order to make a living, many small companies copy and counterfeit a variety of equipment and spare parts, which not only wearable crushing reduces the quality of crusher greatly on the whole, but also restricts the progress pace of the whole industry crusher. Henan Hongxing Heavy Industries, the leading manufacturer of crusher equipment and wearable materials in China is always concerned about the trend of the industry development and grasp the development tendency with the professional perspective to improve the level of independent research. It has successively launched jaw crusher machine, sand maker and other production equipment and parts through years concentrated research, wining consistent praise of the majority customers. Hongxing Heavy Industries is renowned manufacturer of mining machinery, whose products mainly includes crusher, sand maker, grinding machine, ball mill and ore processing plant as well as the mobile crushing plant which is mainly used in the disposal sites of construction waste and open-pit mines. After years of ups and downs, Hongxing Heavy Industries has been in continuous efforts to seek the newer and better products for customers.

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics is a branch of science, oriented towards the technical side, has become extremely important in the days of today. Industrial robotics deals with tasks and thinking about purposes and advances that are of greatest interest to the modern world, is why he has had boom and continues advancing widely in their investigations. We will do a more detailed analysis of what is important to industrial robotics. Firstly, it should take into account that it is very easy to identify in which consist of industrial robots for people that are tucked in the middle of industrial robotics. In effect, these people know clearly identify which robots belong to the field of industrial robotics and which do not belong to this field.

However, among these people there is no widespread agreement how can be defined with words what for if industrial robotics and industrial robots. First and foremost, it should be noted that the definition of industrial robotics of the an industrial robot must have, at least several elements. These elements that must have a definition of industrial robot in industrial robotics are: firstly must make mention that an industrial robot is a manipulator. It should be mentioned the important aspect that an industrial robot made using techniques of industrial robotics must be reprogrammed, i.e., if necessary, you can meet a different task to which meets at a given time. It is important to mention that an industrial robot is intended to be used for industrial purposes.

Another important element is that you mentioned in this definition when the product of industrial robotics must be scheduled for another task, do not need to modify its material. Let’s take each of these elements of industrial robotics to understand a little more in that consist of industrial robots. Well, you first have to understand to achieve a satisfactory definition for industrial robotics, which is an industrial process. Since industrial robots are confined to the field of industrial purposes, of beforehand you should make clear that the industrial robotics this destined to the creation and manufacture of robots that serve for the production of products which are made in factories in serially. Indeed, when we speak of industry speak of producing something and mass-produce it, is why industrial robotics sets that industrial robots are manufactured for the realization of this kind of work. It is also important to have clear in industrial robotics what means a manipulator. Indeed, a manipulator is a mechanical structure designed to carry objects from one place to another and to grab them and release them according to the needs. In the world of industrial robotics manipulation of these tasks usually done repeatedly and in series. However, industrial robotics establishes that an industrial robot is not a simple manipulator, but it has an additional element, which we’ll see below. The additional element that must have an industrial robot based on industrial robotics is that the mechanical apparatus that we are analyzing be reprogrammable. This means that, although this fact for some tasks and can meet a limited work field, industrial robotics establishes that within that range can be set in several ways to carry out different tasks without having to change their materials.