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Rio De Janeiro

If Boitat is friend but its father is kept long-distance, the heart of Boitat suffers! _ Boitat great warlike and good son. Welcome father of Boitat, brother who does not use language of the serpent. How either made will of Boitat! Alberto came back, happy as a child. With a smile in the lips, it communicated to the father the decision it lead and it to carbeto, both with the repletos hearts of happiness. They had found a space bigger that previous, of course reserved for the two. They had waited one instant, until the chieftain raised the head and said: _ Welcome white man to who Tup glorified, giving for son a so noble warrior! Boitat honorary member of ours carbeto. Father of Boitat will be remembered as man loved for so great warrior! Moved with the reception, Agnelo could only say: _ Obliged! You they are very generous! Alberto invited the father if to seat and gave beginning maranduba: _ Boitat requested permission to disclose the secret of the great Jutorib chieftain, what it brings the joy, in cases of extreme necessity, that is, to only take the criminals to the court.

But we obtain tests of that they are smuggling Uranian for Rio De Janeiro. I have an Errand that it allows me to search this area, to investigate everything that if it relates to these murders. If they are using a false entrance, when I to enter there, will not be violating our treatment. But if totem they are removing it, then they had violated before me. Of any form, I will only enter with the knowledge of the brothers, therefore never I will leave of being Boitat, still more that they had received my father with as much affection. Moreover, it has another much more serious fact, and is what I came to ask for to the brothers to unmask. It has times, I heard to speak that somebody tried to inebriate an indian to discover the secret of the Jutorib chieftain, what it brings the joy, but never more heard nothing the respect.

When the first shooter disappeared, distrusted of that beyond the box in the deep one of the river, it had plus some another entrance, that already had commented with the governor. This night, we made two prisoners and one confessed that they remove and they smuggle Uranian for Rio De Janeiro. The reason of my coming is to ask for to the brothers who try to discover if it is truth that the secret was violated. To know who disclosed is a problem of the brothers who certainly go to want to punish the treasonous one. But for us, who interests is what it inebriated. If she was not the head, it must be on, and the case will be decided! The chieftain perceived the gravity and also abandoned the solemn tone. _ Vamos to leave the ceremony for other occasions. The subject demands rapidity and has to act. It consulted moacaras that they had made a consent gesture. Alberto was arisen and made question to press the hands of one by one, in what it was imitated by Agnelo and had headed for the car, where the policemen waited. In return to the house, it asked: _ Somebody already took coffee? _ Not! It was the reply, in unison. _Esto making regimen, pra to be esbeltos? _ Also not! _ Vamos to eat, however! Nobody is of iron and empty bag does not stop in foot!

Raquel Ricardo

The illustrious personages carry out a stuffed action of noble attitudes, of courage, but where the protagonist, person joust and without guilt, walks in direction to the disaster or the death, victim of a destination that does not obtain to be successful. Comumente, between us, modern, the word ' ' tragdia' ' one became usual application to assign a painful, catastrophic event, folloied of many victims, or still to describe the outcome of a passion any that resulted in a horrible murder. For the Greeks, however, tragiks was another thing. The tragedy above all defined an artistic form, or something that only occurred between the great personages. It can be said that a tragic spectacle easily presents certain characteristics identified by the public. In first place, the dignity of the fall must be left clear, that is, the undisputed dignity of the personage.

The hero always will be admittedly great, important, that he obtains to keep in situations exactly highly adverse the moral integrity. If the case of the victim does not understand as tragedy to be somebody without will, lead as if it was a deficient one for the disaster, an unconscious marionette of deuses. E, finally, the tragedy results of an absolute lack of solution. The workmanship Comes to see putting of the sun, counts the history of Raquel Ricardo, two young boyfriends, who by chance of the destination are taken the separation. Raquel changes it for a older man and Ricardo invites unresigned to see it its last put-do-sun, where already it had all deliberate one to kill it. Exactly married with a rich and jalousie man, Raquel goes to the meeting of Ricardo, that, after rejected and living in the poverty, it insisted so that together they attended a last put-do-sun. Uncurling of history is taken by a cold and frightful environment, inuciosamente described for the author.