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– Taurus (April 20 – May 20). Decisions you take at the beginning of 2011, will affect your life for a few years. We can feel absolutely confident, but know that your every step will be require you to new awareness of what is happening. In that case, if you will make decisions according to the clear advice of your inner voice, you'll find that you'll subconsciously pick up the best, most a good option. In mid-February and mid-March you will have sharp ups and downs. January – May – the winning time for you to begin to develop fresh lines and spheres, positive results will not keep you waiting. Jupiter in Taurus (4 June – mid-June 2012) will help you to actually strengthen the career and improve your mental and physical condition. In 2011, your loyal assistant is white onyx.

– GEMINI (May 21 – June 21). 2011 – this time, when will be your dream, it will last even abroad coming year, from March 2011 to August 2012 is very big changes are on your agenda and you will see that your life is really cool change. The 18 months will show you a new potency in yourself and your relationship with the environment and people. This will be a critical time, when you need to change my lifestyle, which includes both the installation of fresh priorities personal, professional and sotsialnoysfere and the nomination of far-reaching goals. In general, you'll find that new developments for you are natural. When Jupiter will go through the constellation of Aries (from January 22 to June 4) proceed to implementation of the latest plans and undertakings.

In June, you'll see that laid a solid foundation for further development. The main stone in your silver jewelry and body piercing – amethyst. – CANCER (June 22 – July 22). Small eclipse fourth day of January mainly beneficial to those who were born 3 and July 5. With the help of Uranus, Moon and Jupiter, this eclipse will present excellent conditions for the realization of your capacities in excess of payments and expectations. You suddenly find yourself internally is absolutely free. Some will be held at this time a sharp rise in financial and romantic aspects of life. Invasion as Jupiter (22 January – 4 June) and Uranus (March 11) in the constellation Aries, will signal to take serious initiatives in the personal and professional life, especially for those born from 22 to 25 June. New challenges and additional complexities may arise in your life during this period, but even If you find that it has become harder, Jupiter in Taurus (from June) to help you overcome them and turn them to their advantage. Stone – Aventurine sand. On the other signs of the zodiac you read the following article.

MLM Marketing

The business with the greatest potential for the future "From the 90, we have been gradually leaving to go to the store, the store comes to us." Person to person marketing, network marketing or Network Marketing is a form of "direct sale" is the creation of a network through which goods or services sold. The process of people speaking to others of a product or served, and bring these products or served directly to consumers. The "distribution channel of direct sales, marketing person to person, network marketing or MLM, is developed through people inviting others to participate in the business. Therefore, distributors receive a percentage of sales (commissions or royalties) of other people in a direct and effective. Direct Selling carries the potential for significant financial rewards for those individuals who learn to create this kind of distribution system.

A distributor starts to become "a shop" and has the potential to build many "stores" as a franchise without limits. Why do major corporations such as MCI, U.S. Sprint, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Gillette, Avon and Fuller Brush, among many others, taking part in the network marketing? According to an article in Success magazine March 1992, written by Valerie Free, entitled "Magic Marketing" (Marketing Magic), many major corporations are finding that marketing from person to person is a powerful and affordable approach to aggregate market share. Network Marketing refers to direct sales through a network. The network marketing is a sales compensation plan at various levels. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.

Alexis Fernando Jimenez

It moves in a different dimension: the dimension of the Lord in the great things that occur. Facts wonderful miracles inconceivable to human logic. It is essential that we consider today the unlimited move of our beloved Father in heaven over and through those who seek Him and remain in His presence in prayer. Three principles to be considered The Bible teaches us, on the basis of the Lord Jesus Christ, three elements that I invite you to consider. The evangelist Luke says that "And he spake a parable about the need to pray always and not lose heart …" (Luke 18:1) These two lines, but seeds are deep because they bring to mind three aspects of great importance: 1 .- need to pray.

2 .- The importance of praying always 3 .- The imperative not to faint in prayer. I suggest you read the sentences again and ask yourself: What do I do when some physical ailment affect me? How do I face problems? Prayer is part of my daily life principles? And finally: Will you persevere in prayer to see God's response? Remember that persistence is key because the Lord Jesus taught: "I tell you: Ask and ye shall receive, seek and find, knock and the door will open. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and the caller is opened "(Luke 11:9, 10). Pray then holds persistence. Knock on the doors of heaven to our beloved Lord and God responds. Ask, believe and receive Whether you need a miracle of deliverance, physical healing, financial provision or resolution of a conflict, there is a path we must follow and that integrate three principles: ask, believe and receive.

So I made it clear when the Lord Jesus taught his disciples: "And whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive" (Matthew 21:22). Ask for a moment: Do you really ask God's intervention in time of need? If I ask something, I believe in sincerity of heart that He will answer? "I find that when I pray and believe in His power, I get that from what I cried? This means that, of course, change our paradigms and leave aside, for some shadow of doubt, and on the other hand, trying to solve problems our own way and in our strength, knowing that for who pray releasing the unlimited power of our dear Lord. Today is the day for your miracle! Simply intending to believe. Make the decision to pray and hope in God! You will see your life experience a wonderful change. If you have any prayer request, be sure to write and remember that my phone is available (0057) 317-4913705 Alexis Fernando Jimenez