MLM Marketing

The business with the greatest potential for the future "From the 90, we have been gradually leaving to go to the store, the store comes to us." Person to person marketing, network marketing or Network Marketing is a form of "direct sale" is the creation of a network through which goods or services sold. The process of people speaking to others of a product or served, and bring these products or served directly to consumers. The "distribution channel of direct sales, marketing person to person, network marketing or MLM, is developed through people inviting others to participate in the business. Therefore, distributors receive a percentage of sales (commissions or royalties) of other people in a direct and effective. Direct Selling carries the potential for significant financial rewards for those individuals who learn to create this kind of distribution system.

A distributor starts to become "a shop" and has the potential to build many "stores" as a franchise without limits. Why do major corporations such as MCI, U.S. Sprint, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Gillette, Avon and Fuller Brush, among many others, taking part in the network marketing? According to an article in Success magazine March 1992, written by Valerie Free, entitled "Magic Marketing" (Marketing Magic), many major corporations are finding that marketing from person to person is a powerful and affordable approach to aggregate market share. Network Marketing refers to direct sales through a network. The network marketing is a sales compensation plan at various levels. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.