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Test Certificate

Indicated on the label name of the organization certifies the product, and may also be additional information. On any model of the safe must be provided a certificate of conformity GOST R 50862-96, confirming (Corrective) claimed supplier performance in accordance with standard Russian methods. 4.Na what questions you need to know the answers when buying a safe? – Approved a safe at the fire or resistance to cracking? – Having the certificate and where to find mention of a certificate on safe? – What and how much will be stored in a vault? – The amount of the safe? – Which locks me comfortable (need)? – Location safe, where it will be put, method of attachment? – Availability of warranty and service? 5. Fireproof safes. Safe, resistant to hazards of fire is fire-resistant. According to GOST 50862-96 R. 6 classes are fire safe. Class fire safe is determined by the achievement of the rated temperature inside the safe in a special test.

These parameters (temperature in the test furnace, the temperature inside the safe) and techniques Test set GOST R 50862-96. Enclosure and door fireproof safe is two welded together the walls, the space between them is filled with refractory concrete, which is why the term "filler safe "(because of the pouring liquid concrete into the body, followed by its solidification). This kind of safes is intended for use in protected areas or in areas with limited access to various storage values, ie only in those areas where the loss of values can only occur due to exposure to fire, as Burglar resistance in these vaults is not available.

Plumbing Fixtures (bathroom Design). Installation Kit

Plumbing fixtures (bathroom design). Installation and equipment. Plumbing (sanitary appliances) is an integral part of any modern home, but it is worth noting that the plumbing is not only an element beautiful design in your bathroom. Also, it should be as functional and useful products, easy to manage, service and maintenance. Still worth paying attention to the fact that usually all manufacturers plumbing, whether it's a toilet, washbasin, bidet, or mixers, all of this plumbing is in a single design, stylistic direction and as a rule made by the same manufacturer and designed by one designer. It is not necessary acquire a toilet manufacturer, and sink or a bidet from a completely different manufacturer or a collection of sanitary ceramics. Since sanitary ware can differ greatly in their colors and shades, as well as it could to bring the absolute imbalance in the bathroom.

Also, in turn, should be paid much attention to all detail when installing plumbing. Try to think through all the minor details before installing plumbing and stock up on all the necessary components. Reflect on the fact that you may need. For example, installing a new sink in the bathroom, you may need: basin mixer, note that the mixers can be rigid or flexible water supply, ie, either a hard chrome tubes or hoses. If it is a rigid tube, then to install such a mixer you will need pliers or as they are called collets. You will also need a siphon for the shell, the siphon may also vary. The siphon can be bundled with the outlet part or without also siphons can be chromed, for open shells, being installed without columns or half-columns and ordinary plastic. All of these nuances and trivia relating absolutely every element plumbing, whether they are: a toilet, washbasin, bidet, bathroom furniture, bathroom or mixers. When installing absolutely any plumbing you require.

Waterjet Propulsors

Water-jet propulsion has many advantages over 'conventional' complexes with a propeller, but nevertheless they have yet to gain popularity among fans of water recreation. The following well-known writer and marine Dag Pike journalist tries to understand why some water-jet propulsion katerostroiteli use, while others ignore them, and answer the question – whether the water cannons on the market prospects for pleasure boats? In use modern water-jet propulsion much really unusual. The strangeness is that today they are used exclusively in two like the opposite – 'polar' – areas of shipbuilding. It is either multi-shaft installation of high power water-jet on a giant high-speed ferries. Or is it a water cannon at the smallest high-speed machines – jet-, and for them it is the only way an engine.

All the same basic the market for recreational motor boats are still a boat and motor boats with propellers. (Let's not talk about a very small number of outboard engines, manufactured with water cannons.) For the uninitiated, a water jet propeller is just the same prop, but enclosed in a tube, but in reality it is one of the most difficult types of propulsion systems. Water cannon above all – a pump that sucks water through the inlet hole, it accelerates and pushes out through the nozzle. The nozzle can be rotated in the horizontal plane, providing a rotation of the vessel and a nozzle shut-off baffle can turn back the stream of water that will ship reverse. In the water cannons are quite large losses due to friction as the water flows inside the pipe, but this disadvantage is compensated by high efficiency pump impeller – impeller, the impeller water jet.