World Cup

“Because the right in such cases often drawn up on party” there not even during the World Cup. Goal celebration is at Games of the German national team of course allowed from 10: 00 may be jumps in the tenement house but only in volume. This is regulated mostly about the rules of the House. Repeat offenders and excessive noise the landlord can pronounce a termination. Of course the decoration of balcony and facade belongs to the World Cup. The hoisting of a flag is one of principle the right to the free development of personality”.

However, this does not apply if the rental agreement prohibited decorations of any kind. Fan banner but only with previous consent of the lessor or the owner community should be installed on the roof. The same applies also communal gardens and terraces, if it specifically supports the flag must be installed. Barbecue ban”must be in the lease sausage and steak are to a World Cup party as well as the obligatory beer. But be careful: the House rules or the rental contract can prohibit grilling outdoors. Who the Barbecue ban”ignored, must reckon with a termination with a cease and desist letter and in case of recurrence. (Landgericht Essen, AZ: 10 S 438 / 01). Moreover, a fine of up to 500 EUR can pull a violation against the country Immissions protection law especially when smoke enters the living room and bedrooms of the neighbors.

(OLG Dusseldorf, AZ: 5 SS 149/95). Tip: Regardless of the judicial decisions referred to consideration toward the neighbors in the garden or on the balcony arrives always good. Best agree with your neighbors before the barbecue and make their own arrangements with which all are satisfied. And if Germany is successful at the World Cup, maybe even football lay with you forward.