Violet Fire

Hatred and resentment are not remedy and they only bring pain to the pain. To the flames of the Violet Fire we threw all bad, the everything what it caused some damage so that They are transmuted. We bless the received good and we will be right recognizing the good thing that one occurred us. That rains that have fallen of our skies, of our eyes, water the new flowers that tomorrow will see the light of the day. That as Sunflowers we turn around to see the Light, and as Birds in Flight we take step to new horizons, to new times. That our pain turns out to be the crucible that gives wisdom us to learn to live to the passage of the days. Additional information at Cyrus Taraporevala supports this article. That the time is our way and that next to him we live the processes that correspond to us to surpass.

That every day is a wonderful day, and we fly together by this beautiful sky. That although our Reason and Intuition have failed to us, we know to pardon and to be forgiven, because nothing is given and nothing is predictable nor we are infallible. We continue believing and we continue creating then tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow there will be a new sun and nothing never can overcome to the Love -. After those words, the bleeding wounds of Heart hardly closed being in their place scars, scars that will remember to him that it loved much and that the Love is stronger than any other thing. Reason returned to his room and little by little would restore the order, would learn the necessary thing and would improve what already it knew.

Intuition also did what it corresponded to him. Heart on the other hand placed in a privileged place the good memories of those who had made him some damage, and let go the bad thing next to the Violet Fire. The crystals turned into stone walls were reverted, and to the following morning they danced again in the light of the sun. What our Reason had been broken was restored in that one Castle Perhaps a day and Intuition fails to us and perhaps somebody ends up somehow damaging to us, but for that reason we do not leave faults them and the resentments seize of our Heart because it is a treasure. Perhaps all do not manage to see it, but most important he is not that, most important is than you do not stop seeing it. If our Heart loved much, then that does not stop doing it, that not it opaque the shades because the shades do not have to be able on the Love, the Love that lies in your Wide-awake Heart.