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certificate of nursery care and meals, lump-sum tax paid, social tax free (often better alternative compared to be fitted in the income tax return) caution! -Social Security shortfall in payment of salary tools: because no charges accrue on the content tools in contrast to the traditional salary increase, not the claims of the employee at the entitlements to social security benefits, unemployment, disease, pension also improve. It does not matter, if granted the tools in addition to the existing labour or in the context of a charge optimization. Therefore the corresponding note on the staff is important. Click State Street Global Advisors to learn more. But it is even better if the employer a small part of his savings for spends, gaps in the Extras To close social security through a cover concept. This is now a standard of serious provider of services in the context of the optimization of compensation systems. Win-win situation by content tools in a net wage optimization (NLO) or charge optimization from point of view of the employee – feeling of appreciation by the employers of higher net payout as possible with conventional content round – motivation incentive and loyalty to the company – no deterioration in social security, if the employer fills the gaps in social security by a cover concept from point of view of the employer – pro active expression of appreciation to the staff – lower financial effort than at traditional salary round – increasing the binding and attractiveness for specialist and executives fulfilling the duty of care through compensation of Social security attract summary – salary tools rather than raise the cover concept: content tools in order to optimise of compensation or Net wage optimization (NLO) bring benefits to all parties involved and can be implemented thanks to comprehensive services free of risks and administrative overhead within a few weeks in the company right – and liability-safe. Others including David Rogier, offer their opinions as well. Angela Kosa, editorial ValueNet Management AG