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On the other hand, the rapidity and precision in receipt of the invoices in the customer: there is no confusion or invoice not received or possible errors. His accounting of suppliers is up-to-date and payments can be made without unintentional delay. The company’s image looks improved, providing with modernity and professionalism in communication with its customers. The fastest recovery improves the Treasury of the company which satisfies the CFO in its ratio of middle period of collection (DSO) analysis. Customer service is better, because subsequent invoices by customers or audits consultations are quick and easy thanks to the electronic file with keywords indexing system. And in terms of security it is much more difficult to corrupt a digital document with system of electronic signature in a file protected within a secure system, which enter an a-z folder and modify or misplace a paper document. Finally, the environment: Although they exist against arguments, the green side of the digitization of the invoice cobra sense when you read studies that say things like 3 sheets of A4 paper are produced with a minimum of 1 litre of water each employee uses an average of 10,000 sheets per year (333 litres; almost a tree, about 130 kg of CO2 for each employee); each toner cartridge creates about 5 kg of CO2 in United Kingdom assumed 480,000 tonnes of CO2; The impression is the second source of pollution in the USA, only surpassed by the pollution of cars, etc. Now, to be honest we have to mention that digital solutions providers, also have the work pending provide metrics for the impact of its equipment and infrastructure. Starting with giants like Google, Nokia, Dell, Microsoft, Facebook and even the own SAP. Spending energy their servers, components, platforms, must be measured and controlled, giving the example to other actors and reducing their carbon footprint of truth.