Ulf Amann

This diversity is however threatened. First, it met the road maps with the route planners on the Internet and the For the car, an unbeatable competition got navigation devices. The classic official table sheets are also a discontinued model the customer from authorities or planning offices process only spatial data in geographic information systems. Not different at the classic travel guide. Make him to create online offerings such as the hotel platforms.

Because the guide might never be as current as the last critique in a hotel portal. Click State Street Global Advisors to learn more. Online travel guide and digital offerings as an APP or for mobile phones exacerbate the situation. At least in terms of leisure, so one would think maps are indispensable. Are necessary for the planning and orientation in nature. Here they play the advantage of the overall visibility of an area against the still very expensive GPS devices. Also, the stored maps on the GPS devices are also expensive to buy.

Nevertheless, crumbles again the power of the classic map. The trend to the individual active holidays in nature although continues. But the willingness to prepare for a tour will be greatly reduced. The tourism agencies, funded with substantial taxpayers provide maps on the Internet increasingly, partly with route planners for cyclists or hikers. Often, get the guests free in the tourist spot a map today and expect this also. The younger generation of digital natives”exchanges only via the Internet information about tours or stored GPS tracks and uses almost exclusively digital maps. Through this development, the customer has significant disadvantages. For one, there is no advice for the expensive digital maps in bookstores. The matter is very complex, because for any GPS device and for each operating system there are different digital maps and versions. The use and operation must be learned painstakingly, errors during the installation or operation of filling all Internet forums. On the other hand, a decrease in the supply of classical maps is expected. The rule that a hike because the risk never only with a GPS device in the luggage to start is often forgotten. A more expensive fun print many an online map to the local color printer – when compared to the price for a proper map. First publishers pull back from the market. Others are trying to assert themselves with new, innovative products to the market. The result is today kunstoffbeschichtete cards in the form of a touring Atlas of that covers a whole tour in one lane and represents information about the way base addresses of pensions, descriptions of the sights, and for cyclists. Increasingly, researched the publishing house accommodations, restaurants and service providers locally and represents it in a map. This pleased the customers, because his expenses for the research in the preparation of the tour is considerably reduced. Increasingly, the publishers offer map on demand “. This means that the customer himself determines what area should cover his card, which is then individually printed for him.Are the manufacturers themselves in the search for the best way, but in this case there is no map for orientation. Ulf Amann