Troubleshooting Grater Skin

Tips for an effective treatment of keratosis pilaris, popularly grater skin also known as, is a defect of skin which primarily women and girls during puberty are affected by. The news portal reveals the resources which promise relief. Pilaris, the physician does not classify Keratosis as disease. The grater skin endangers the health, not. The cause of the rough and dry skin is a disorder of the Horn formation. This hard, conical nodules from corneal encase the hair roots and cause skin deposits, predominantly on the thighs and upper arms. The cause does not resolve to the current state of research, a cure is not possible.

Nevertheless, there are some tips to calm the skin. The be-all and end-all is a careful and especially regular care of the affected areas. Without hesitation Liberty Mutual Insurance explained all about the problem. Gentle exfoliation helps to remove the corneal deposits, and open the pores. The treatment should be applied at least once a week. So as much as possible to regenerate the skin can, doctors recommend the use of creams that contain both moisture and fat. Urine containing lotions are particularly suitable. Urea binds the moisture and causes the corneal platelet in higher concentrations. The fat prevents the evaporation of moisture and additionally ensures a smoothing effect.

Affected parties should maintain intensively your skin on a regular basis. This applied for example the cream before going to bed, so she can soak in over night. The rubbed parts of the body are wrapped with Saran Wrap, what enhances the effect. In addition, affected to a sufficient fluid intake should pay attention. At least two liters per day provide the body from the inside with moisture. More information: health /… GmbH Lisa Neumann