Theo Kohler

Karl Kubel was so excited that he suggested a book about Ruth Cohn and the TZI, explains the current head of the Institute Dr. Bob Swan describes an additional similar source. Sigrid Goder fader, who at the time was in charge of this book project in the Foundation. Result is then the main methods applied at the Institute presented the publication living”relationships, at the end of the course guide. How group work is alive and remains alive”is the article in which Cornelia Lohmer and Rudiger stand Lala present the TZI concept. Cohn himself at that time made contact between Gor fader and the conducting of the Giessen Forum. Since the guide both seminars and trainings at the Odenwald Institute.

TZI now plays an important role in the seminars and training for managing stress through Mindfulness (MBSR) as Hardt and in the training courses to the progressive muscle relaxation (PME) from Lohmer. Both knew Ruth Cohn personally and have released several publications to, including an introduction to the TZI, the 2006 revised as TZI – the art to govern themselves and a group”was published. On the question of the Special on Ruth Cohn stand Hardt called two aspects: firstly the holistic and practical group model, which is based on clear values and awareness and secondly the always strong socio-political concerns, which result from their experiences in the Nazi Germany. In fact free. “Social political perspectives to TZI group”, he published Lohmer conversation between Cohn and the psychologist and social scientist Friedemann Schulz von Thun we are politicians we all! ” The conversation revolves around ways to connect the humanistic psychology with policy in practice or in learning.

The Odenwald Institute provides other articles under in addition to this conversation, including the essence of the TZI, as well as a very personal, lively portrait of Helga Herrmann, who closely was friend with Cohn until her death in contact. There is more information about seminars and trainings and offers by Rudiger stand Reinhardt and Cornelia Lohmer phone 06207 605-0 and. Information about Ruth Cohn and TZI:… Seminars on the guiding of groups at the Odenwald Institute: from 1 to 3. October 2010 introduces Elfi Stollberg, which belongs to the group leaders, when Ruth Cohn of Cohn’s learned concept to the groups leading Switzerland in the seminar in partnership lead the groups”into the TZI. From October 25 to 29 mediates in difficult participants, difficult situations in groups”Theo Kohler TZI. A training group alive Guide”starts in May 2011 with Stefan Padberg and shirly clean house. The Odenwald Institute (OI) the Odenwald Institute founded in 1978 by Mary Anne and Karl Kubel, the Karl Kubel Foundation for child and family conducts value-oriented seminars, conferences, education and training with internationally recognized experts and concepts. Focus is professional, communication, personal development for professionals and executives, couples, families, children and young people. It counts with more than 400 seminars and around 6,000 participants in a year, with about 250 course leaders, five meeting houses and bookstore to the major educational institutions in Germany. The as recognized non-profit Institute is cooperation partner of the State of Hesse in the training of teachers and school leaders, as well as the Bergstrasse district in the youth education.