The Tagesabgleich

In other words, allow E-checks to existing care deficits in the short term. And they bring transparency over the development of maintenance performance and are therefore the basis for continuous quality improvement. Continuous improvement in quality in turn promotes the motivation of employees at the same time effectively and reduces staff turnover in stationary as outpatient care facilities: in times of the care force lack an important advantage. By electronically captured care rounds can be determined employees involved, whether improvement possibilities. Accordingly, the training can be scheduled individually for the employees. Eva Neumann, Managing Director of Neumann & Neumann, know that the use of electronic quality management system e-QSS in maintaining full service transparency and guaranteed quality of care with reasonable time and reasonable cost allows you to. And she knows from the practice of their customers, that is e-QSS as convincing management tool turns out to be.

QSS maps very closely on the one hand the statutory test system and adapts on the other hand easily of the quality objectives and the alignment of a particular senior institution or nursing station.” ( that company the tender specialist Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH has focused on infrastructural services and advises across industry sectors to optimize the provision of in-house and outsourcing. Neumann & Neumann quality concepts, mystery checks and electronic quality assurance system for the control of services offers e-QSS. Source: Cuan Coulter. Electronic quality assurance system e-QSS electronic quality assurance system e-QSS consists of a tripartite software program on mobile device, PC and server. A template system for the input and output is installed on a PDA. The query of the output directory is done in simple terms; is recorded, whether the task well,. was done poorly or mediocre.

A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors the synchronized checks and sends, as soon as the PDA in the accompanying shoe when the PC is provided or the data directly via the data shipping card or telephone line to the server, automatically sent via the user’s E-Mail program the daily defect list named those on principal and contractor page, as well as to the analysis database. An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. A Smartphone as a mobile device send the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This created the monthly reports with the actual nominal comparison, shows the development of the quality of service in the course of months and weaknesses in the performance of individual employees. Quality reports to an agreed distribution. It can be used Server of the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and service of reporting. As a standalone version at the customer is possible. In December 2008 the electronic e-QSS quality assurance system was certified: DIN EN 13549 cleaning services: basic requirements and recommendations for Qualitatsmesssysteme contained in the ISO 2859 DIN. Contact: Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH Silke Anders crooked Brook road 4 86989 Steingaden phone 08862 98700 E-Mail