The Same

What is the problem in all this?Therefore that a gift should meet 3 conditions (so the child will understand that this gift deserves it for his behavior and if so that it values): the need, utility and do deserve it? Provided that we give something to our children we have to think about these 3 conditions because if not, the child will receive that gift as something that you have to give, because he wants to. How many families do for their children hundreds of toys stored unless the child touches it? Do many of us we give things to the kids to see the illusion that makes them to receive it, but after 2 or 3 days already touched, nor it is agreed that there is?What happens with the child in these cases?What we get with this is a demanding, rabid, materialistic, selfish child and all this without giving us has that acting so we do nothing more than harming our son and later, do not We understand because the child behaves strange when we don’t give it that asks us.We need to think about and keep in mind every day that what we do when it is small has a domino effect on the child’s behavior and later acted as we have accustomed small.Many times we say: is a child not understood as the older but the problem is that it learns and adapts to our actions. In physics we have studied that every action has a reaction as in the case of children it is the same if we get bad small used is very difficult to correct it when it is 12 years old. Is the same that explain to a child during his childhood that 2 more two are four, and at age 12 we will try to tell you that it is not true that two more two are five serious your reaction to that age tell us we are fools for this we have to take care of our actions since they are small, to save us trouble when they are large. another article that it might interest you : Original author and source of the article.