The Patient

Is to be always to a meter of distance. They move much, but never it passes nothing. They are pairs that are loved attacking itself (I will return envelope they, when it speaks of the melodramas). We follow with our example. When the patient tells to the therapist the last discussion him, this account occurs of that the patient, is completely other people’s to how with his attitude (tone of voice, gestures, glances, etc.), she causes what fears, that is to follow and to continue discussing with his wife, in an endless cycle. Is absolutely incapable to integrate his participant I with his observant I. It is in this point, when the therapist him lends his observant I.

It indicates those aspects to him of its conduct (tone, glances, gestures, etc.), that it has dissociated and that is those that when disqualifying to his wife, cause that this still reacts with greater rage, being perpetuated the cycle of discussions and I mistreat mutuum. The planned integral brief psycotherapy, as I understand and practitioner to it, has a far from negligible didactic component. Treatment to always teach to fish to the patient and not to fish I by him (this is one of the main perversions of the psycotherapy). I understand that the patient must analyze itself to live and not to live to analyze itself. If it did not teach to him to fish, (patient scholarship) would have a patient for all the life and that would be very lucrative, but very little ethical.

Then, when the patient has developed or fortified, through the psycotherapy, his observant I, is that the therapist has been able of to teach to him and to transmit his own to him observant I. That is to say; my patient one or knows to fish or what is the same; the patient one already takes to its own therapist in the interior, and that fact, does to him signs candidate to the therapeutic discharge. According to this last one, to judge by you yourself, if he is or nonimportant the one of observant I in the therapy. Allowed the total or partial reproduction, whenever the author and the source are mentioned original Author and source of the article