The Moon

And from what I see, they could be aggressive. I would like to devote more time to my search by today. But with all the of the persecution, the afternoon has already fallen. These winter days do not last long enough. However, I have a small idea: I’ll be awake today. So. I watch over girls, and re-elected Willow to try to find the murderer (hoping that it is any of the other Dryads).

It is late. The Moon is at its highest point. Meanwhile, the only that I have managed to achieve, is sleep. But I make an effort to keep me awake. The hours pass, and my eyes are already very angry. I believe that he will not come. I am writing to the room of Fabiola.

It would be nice to spend the rest of the night with her. I see her there, dreaming, and traveling outside these lands to his world of fantasies that she only understands. I recuesto me to your side. I think I’ll sleep a little. But I will try to sharpen my senses as possible before anything. What they least wanted, would wake up and see the girl, mutilated, at my side, without having tried to do something about it. I close my eyes, and only sleep a delicious aroma transcends my senses. I am a lush taste in my mouth. Perhaps a dream, but I don’t see anything in it. It’s just that feeling in my body something warm, rich and invigorating. The best thing that I had felt in my life. I think I’ve found what I wanted. This certainly makes me feel happy! The tranquility is amazing. The peace that I feel is something beautiful. And not leave for! feel that exquisite taste! I can see a light that is closer to me. I think that I am waking up. I quickly opened my eyes I notice that the light comes from the hallway and physical. Someone opened the door. It is the mother superior! But his face turns into a gesture of horror to me, and to notice the fateful scene which was represented on the small body. Aaaaah!, has released tremendous cry of terror. And I go back to my reality. I had left my consciousness for a moment. But it is already very late back in me. I observe what surrounds me: a scared Lady, to the point of fainting, invaded quart of darkness, and I, on top of the small Fabiola, with my sharp claws on his neck. With my mouth and my blood, feeding me his spirit-filled body. Robbing me all their dreams, their hopes, I look staring at the face of the girl. I am really distressed. But at the same time, I feel overjoyed: I finally know the reason for happiness and I love original author and source of the article