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These Paralysis affects the entire body, including the eyelids and can, cause if you don’t know what happens with a huge panic. I have a small child often middle dreamed at night that I wake up in my room and try to switch on my bedside lamp. Mechanical and electrical items are in the dream but often not or only partially functional, and it was always dark in my room. State Street Corporation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I was partially wrong through the whole House and tried every light switch, while I desperately screamed to my parents, because I had a very pronounced fear of the dark. That dream ended the same way: I was really awake, couldn’t move but for a few minutes. No matter how much I filed on me, my eyes were not open. Sometimes I managed to elicit them a light blink, which only resulted in that the experience grew in reality as my panic more.

My parents were clueless, but after a short time again everything in OK, I always declined a visit of the hated pediatrician. However, all this changed in one summer night, which I have not forgotten until today. After a particularly long-lasting nightmare on the previous day, followed by an intensive sleep paralysis, I was restless in my bed. The fear of a further nightmare read me go and I decided that I myself must overcome to do so, to consult a doctor. After some time I fell but then my fatigue to the victims and soon found myself in well-beaten nightmare. But this time something had changed. I tried to press the light switch, but I responded to the alleged defect in the lamp not with panic, but absolutely clear thinking, that I underwent my nightmare only once again. Armed with this knowledge, I closed my eyes and imagined the Sun, who would fill my room in the morning light.

When I opened my eyes again it was as bright as day in my room and my mother brought me my favorite breakfast. I took the first satisfied bite and was happy that I had beaten my nightmare and was temporarily the night. At that moment I woke up again in a sleep paralysis. I was angry and confused for a second, but then I felt the warm sun on my skin and lost any sense of panic in the reality. Managed slowly to me open my eyes after a short time and with the sight of the first radiant a feeling of euphoria and happiness which I had not yet experienced in this form came over me. I ran into the bedroom of my parents and told proudly that I had controlled the Sun, to scare away my nightmare. My parents looked at me confused, but happy that I had obviously overcome my fears, and I immediately asked my breakfast. I knew it was still not immediately, but my journey into the world of lucid dreams had started this morning. Also you can learn easily lucid dreaming! The Internet is full of information on how these fascinating Ability itself… can apply Lucid dream crash course. Learn lucid dreaming Part 1 & 2 I look forward to your comments! Wishes much success… Jens Thiemann