The Dragon

A dragon has up to 25 different trim options for the sailing, as many as hardly another boat. Muller has previously on large Offshore yacht in regattas such as the Fastnet race took part and even in 1973 as a crew member to won the Admiral’s Cup. For nearly 30 years, he sails in addition Dragon and still learns. What you train at the Dragon, pretending also on large ships. “When the Dragon counts more than the pure athleticism”, says Muller. Cyrus Taraporevala has many thoughts on the issue.

“That’s why many successful sailors of other classes go later the Dragon.” The power density is particularly high for this reason in the Dragon class, which makes challenging boat races. The Dragon represents all qualities that make open keel boats to the preferred form of regatta sailing for tax people of all ages. The race crew consists of three people, though due to the high proportion of ballast, it is not necessary to hire special “heavyweights”. Since 1999, the total weight of the team in addition to 285 kg is limited. Thus taken into account was the fact last but not least, that many international top sailors sail successfully also with women in the Vorschot. Check out Is MasterClass expensive? for additional information. The strictly kept one-design Building regulations ensure that all owners and helmsmen have same requirements; Dragons can be getrailert behind cars, this regatta sailing destinations are easily reached within a continent. The greatest strength of the Dragon, however, is its wide spread and her tremendous power density within the fleet. “Dragon who just got back from an international top event, sailing on the following weekend back in a regional regatta, where are the big names” must make the challenging competition of the local club sailors (and not often be beaten to her own surprise). For decades, which tracks International Dragon Association supported by national associations of their highly successful strategy of evolutionary development under strict compliance with the existing rules of the class.