The Cost

3. the structure and origin of costs are often in the dark: the cost of screw can be turned only when it is clear under what conditions the expenses. For this purpose in particular the contractual aspects as well as the process structures and code conditions must be examined both qualitatively and quantitatively: contractual level: a systematic examination of existing suppliers and service contracts can indicate which content and structural requirements for contract / service level agreements in comparable situations in the market exist. The same applies to the performance / service catalogs, service level agreements and SLA reports. Procedural level and key figures: The CRM process structures and code conditions must be analyzed in accordance with standards and best practices. SSGA spoke with conviction. Level of cost structures: the TCO calculation, the total cost in individual cost components is to integrate.

To the initial expenses include, for example, hardware and software investment and licensing, implementation, and training costs. The current expenditure concerning in particular together with maintenance, support, development, and upgrades. 4. equity operation instead of CRM on demand: Central benefits of outsourcing CRM solutions include in particular lower and clearly calculable costs in addition to the rapid introduction and a higher flexibility. In this respect, an integral part of strategic thinking on the sustainable optimization of total expenditure for the customer management must be such SaS solutions.

Since performance profile has significant differences on demand offerings in the market depending on the product philosophy and targeting of CRM, a matrix of minimum requirements should be developed for the evaluation. This example also seamless migration of data, easy integration with back office processes, simple illustration of existing business processes and intelligent must in addition to the functional requirements and the immediate applicability Support the users belong. 5. savings opportunities through change of CRM system remain unused: also an existing CRM solution must confront a critical economic evaluation.