The Case

Time control is impossible. The best thing people can do – is to realize the nature of time and learn how to build their lives in view of its two main features – limited time resource and irreversible flow of time. Hence the error number 2. Time – it's something intangible. This is not the case. We wake up every morning at about the same time. We can usually tell roughly how long it took us a case. However, we do not have time in a physical form, save or defer a bit "for later".

The fact that we are accustomed to perceive time as something intangible, leads to the fact that we are not able to realistically perceive. To a large extent prevents us from our own mind. Animals, for example, perfectly match its actions with the real-time. They know when it's time to hunt, when to sleep, and when play with their littermates, although not used for hours, do not have diaries and do not constitute a list of important things. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Harry Kane. People are consciously plan their business, but do not account for this reality – the limited time resource, and its irreversibility. We need to change the very perception of time and realize that the amount of time is strictly limited within days. If we have not done some things today, and decided to move it to tomorrow, saying to himself, that tomorrow we will have more time, then we deceive ourselves. Tomorrow we will have exactly the same time, 24 hours – and not a second more! We can not stretch the day or to return to the last day to complete what is not done.