The Caribbean

Also motor yachts can be chartered, if you hear the sound of a 1000 hp engine, prefer to listen instead of the wind in the sails. The Caribbean is a big island paradise with many stunning Islands, bays and unique flora and fauna. This includes also Martinique, the Queen of the Caribbean Islands. Martinique is lined with beautiful beaches full of tropical exoticism, and bathed by the turquoise-blue sea, at the same time but majestically like no other Caribbean island. The stately manor houses surrounded by cultivated sugar cane and banana plantations unfold its old splendour; With palms-fringed avenues, flowering trees and a dazzling flair of the Caribbean make Indian island called Madinina”- island of flowers – all honor. Exquisite pleasures offer tasteful restaurants and ancient Rumdestillerien. With customs, colorful costumes and special Creole lifestyle so alive as the history of the Caribbean Islands is nowhere else: over many centuries maintained without disruptive upheavals and refined. In the direct surroundings of Martinique ‘ many small islands of breathtaking beauty, waiting to be discovered with the sailing yacht or motor yacht can be found.

The most mini Islands are only a few kilometres from the coast of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Still, they are a completely different world. Rare birds inhabit the Islands and sea turtles nest on their beaches. On the smaller uninhabited nature still in original shape is preserved, but the most spectacular inhabitants are the huge iguanas. Well 400 lizards live on the chancel of Islet in the Bay of Martinique on a spot just 2 km length and 850 m wide. Charter a yacht in the Caribbean at. Take off contact with forgotten places and locations, away the freedom of sailing boats, to these extraordinary spots in the Caribbean to explore – the Charter of a yacht at Nauticholidays allows you of fast paced, modern industrial culture. by TS