The Birthler

It is also clear: it is a command for a member of the special unit of the Stasi. And not a normal GDR border guards. These were used but under enormous pressure to fire on refugees. And it rewarded if they hit had. “There was also criticism that the file find blown up”. The Birthler authority, wrote about the Berlin daily newspaper”the world”, would justify so that only their continued existence. Actually came out now, that a similar document was published in 1997, already ten years ago, in a research paper about the GDR border.

At that time only nobody took note. Also the head of the Berlin Memorial Hohenschonhausen (a former Stasi prison), Dr. Hubertus Knabe, was taken aback: for me, the question whether the authority of the Federal Commissioner at that time informed the Prosecutor of it arises. There had been still better ways, to put those responsible on trial.” Boys still believe the Magdeburg document for important news: the command shows the SED regime was as ruthless. In contrast to the GDR border law says is also explicitly that also women and children should be shot.” There now was a sight or not? After the Court ruling, which on 8 November 1999, the Federal Supreme Court decided in Leipzig, it is clearly proven that the SED Politburo with his decisions and commands bore the main responsibility for the wall deaths. “There is so a sight” was actually from the top of the GDR border guards.

Why is it at all controversial, whether it was a sight? And what is it still important? “To the Communist era, Erich Honecker’s SED-regime always denied that the border guards sight” would have. Even after the turn which held in the Politburo process”indicted last SED leader Egon Krenz and also accused leaders of GDR border guards at this claim. You were talking themselves out, the Soviet Union alone also decided to or not how and whether sharp would shoot at the border to the West. You had no effect as the Commander in Chief in the GDR on it. On the basis of documents of the SED Politburo, the Stasi and the border troops of the GDR had prove that SED politicians very well influence had, how sharp it was on the border. And that there is even, otherwise than on every other borders of the Soviet bloc to Western Europe, mines and automatic rifles were moved. How experienced a normal GDR border guards? In SUPERillu, the former GDR border guards Raimar Richard, which the 1980s as ordinary draftee in the death strip of the Berlin wall had to do service, described his experience. Said: you are commissioned to track down violators, to arrest or to destroy. Who shot intentionally in addition, faced with imprisonment. One imbued us up, that “violators”were criminals. Believed very few did. See all comrades who gave their service with me, I knew only one, I would have the guts to pull the cold.” Is it possible that today is new about the Berlin wall will be revealed? Yes. Until today, new facts emerge in the archives. In particular evidence, that more people were victims of the wall than they were then known. Because the GDR leadership made any case a State secret. Witnesses were fined with threats to silence. Often, the Stasi faked the death certificates. 133 deaths at the Berlin wall. The Museum at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin estimated the number of victims of the Division of Germany today Alterio on approximately 1 245. pictures and text Angelo D