The Beggars

A guilt parcel is of the proper public who, as he said, does not have this culture. But another parcel is of proper ' ' artista' ' that it is not located as such. The secret is in the positioning. If an artist if locates as beggar, will be seen as beggar. Part crumbs and will gain crumbs. Already I worked with some circus artists in events that, in the vacant hours, work in traffic lights. I do not have nothing against this, but I find this positioning inadequate.

He does not have as fondness to be well paid in an event if in traffic lights the artist works for crumbs. Unhappyly, while our people will have the culture to recognize as artist only who is in the media, great palco that it is the street will be reserved the beggars. Unhappyly, also, we have that ' ' to dance as msica' '. In developed countries the street artist is recognized, here not. Soon, to work in the street means to ask for almses.

is very sad that it is thus, therefore the street is a form to take to the public all in general the artistic trends. I twist so that the day arrives that the street artist has its real recognized value. still more: that the street can become a great attractive and option of worthy work for many of us artists. But, while this magical day does not arrive, we must think about our positioning. They always have in mind what they want to reach. My grandfather always said: if you want to catch tubares you go to fish in sea of tubares. It thinks about this.