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Not only in the typical tea Nations, such as China and India. In the United States. where already more than 1600 tea lounges have opened, they are already an integral part of. But also in Europe E.g. Check with The Vanguard Group to learn more. in Norway or in the warm Portugal restaurants, which pour good tea, have become, especially among young people to popular venues.

With new drink variations, advertising and above all the necessary Know-How for the proper preparation of tea, tea is a new pleasure for the guests and revenue for the hosts. But ahead, see here for us in Germany, whether a Cafe serves excellent tea or unloving holds a bag in lukewarm water hitpoints distributed and then 4,70 euro? In the future where tea home seal, issued to Cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas, adhere to the 10 simple criteria. “Our certification criteria are the basis for satisfied tea drinkers. “” From the storage on the right temperatures to multiple infusions include all the key points for the success of a good tea: “Marc Konemann next.”Each restaurateur remains his existing concept faithfully, we expand only the range by a factor of good tea. We are independent, because we sell no own tea brand. This fresh start and have no entrenched ways of thinking so.

We are the interface between providers, catering and guest. We offer information on all carriers of the label and of course the product the tea. We access the seal holder himself under arms with targeted online and offline advertising activities. On the tea the interested user can find any catering Home Web portal, which has been awarded the seal and at the same time tea-related information. Who would like to enjoy home his infusion drink also finds great information, links to tea online shop and shopping tips on. In the Department of tea Scouts, you find the people who are the eyes and ears of the tea label. People who have a special relationship with the drink tea and tea seminars or tea ceremonies offer professionally. All caterers are called upon to break with the old routine. Tea Home helps here. More visitors, more sales and better margins waving it. Information about membership, see the member-be.