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Brazilian National Research Institute

In addition, the process of influence of antibiotics on the ground remained a long time – about a few weeks. Brazil urges world to switch to ethanol in a report published in Last Tuesday, the Brazilian National Research Institute for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (EMBRAPA), says that the use of ethanol from sugar cane instead of gasoline allowed Brazil reduce emissions of air pollutants by 73 percent. The document also notes that alcohol production from sugarcane is less harmful to the environment than getting fuel from the hydrocarbon. Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is a strong supporter of renewable energy. According to Lula da Silva, ethanol production in the poorest African countries would not only improve the ecological situation in the world, but also create thousands of jobs.

It should be noted that the experience of Brazil on the use of renewable energy is very revealing – in Brazil accounts for 33,2% of the world production, while ethanol from sugar cane in 2007 had 15.7% the country's energy. In addition, over one quarter of the cars in Brazil are equipped with 'omnivorous' engine that can consume both gasoline and ethanol any proportion. Fish oil can help fight global warming, researchers from University College Dublin (Ireland) believe that fish oil, or more precisely, it contains omega-3 may be effective tool in reducing greenhouse gas methane, which produce farm animals. It turns out that the addition of 2% fish oil in animal feed can reduce methane emissions – greenhouse gas that is 20 times stronger effect on climate than carbon dioxide.

Highquality Steel Doors

Distinctive properties of high-quality steel dverey.Potrebnost in security is a basic for a person, especially in today's "mega-criminal" world. Each of us in one degree or another is looking for on the one hand most effective, and on the other side – simple and accessible (primarily in material terms) how to "self-defense." What we all need to protect in the first place? Or rather – what? Of course, his beloved family and at least favorite apartment. As the theater begins with a hanger and apartment starts with solid steel doors that can withstand any attempts insidious intruders encroaching on your property. Indeed, the most reasonable decision today is the installation was a steel door, which takes pride of place in today's market. However, literate consumers are very closely suited to their own choice, because it is important not only all properties and functions of the product, but also its ability to be a nice detail interior. The question of ways to buy doors today is straightforward. Choosing a good specialty store or order through Internet, you can have in a short time to feel completely safe. Variety of steel doors is striking: manufacturers and sellers try to take into account all the possible whims of the customer.

No less diverse and are firms that offer a "pig in a poke" at exorbitant prices without fear of "getting caught" just because their is too much. Let us now try to identify the main criteria for selecting high-quality steel doors which themselves will be taken into account in subsequent purchases. First, the bona fide manufacturer will not offer too wide a choice, but rather presented to the buyer's some really high-quality models. Secondly, solid company will submit to your court maximum amount of data on production technology and build on your first request. Agree warned – so armed, so do your best to search for required information and then be able to sleep peacefully.

In addition, when choosing a steel door must take into account individual characteristics of the room where they will be installed. For example, in a building door was not has direct contact with the adverse conditions – weather and bullies, so the chance to put the much smaller compared to the street door. The latter should be different sound furniture products, complex design and secure latch system. The next important criterion for selecting the manufacturer of steel doors is the availability of qualified consultants and experienced fitters, who must offer their services each client. You will probably need expert advice in determining the specific modification door, which will link best meet your expectations. It can be metal front door with thermal insulation and sound insulation, double or interior metal doors. Trying to choose the best quality product, do not seek to give preference to a foreign manufacturer. Today we can say that modern Russian technology allow the creation of durable steel doors to put them on the market at lower prices. Imported doors, although they can draw you an unusual design, might be inappropriate to set it in your home. And finally, remember that choosing the doors to testify or iron doors in the vestibule "with feeling, with properly, with deliberation, not tighten the time of purchase – you may inadvertently too late