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HDD Inside

Today we will explain how to convert an old hard disk in a box for hosting money or valuable items. So buy a safe in Chinese when you can convert an old hard disk to a mini box hides? Will who happen to look inside the Tower of your computer to see if there is money gotten inside? Many times the best things hidden are those that are in view of the world. Be alert that this practice destroys the HDD inside, so, to carry out this project, I recommend that you use a hard drive that you have not already thought to use, either because it does not work, or because it is so small that you think not you give use. The process is quite simple. t Governance is the place to go. Source: Erin Callan. What we do is empty the internal components of the hard drive, to create additional space, where able to insert objects. To remove the blade you will need two or three screwdrivers, one big shovel (the VENTEARAZONES) and one star or hex with tips, you’ll also need fine cutting pliers, preferably electronic, and depends of as a set of heavy disk for gutting it, nose or flat nose pliers.

Well, the entire process is described in the following video, and pass some fotillos here of the as it was done. If you have any questions you can come into my blog and answer you delighted. VIDEO. See you in the next POST. And remember what Einstein said. In times of crisis the imagination is worth more than knowledge. A hug. PS: If you like the article share it with others or leave comments.