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Well, if there will be several intermediaries on behalf of freight forwarders, we know that the situation would be very, very problematic. Can torn by train? Wagon more together than a truck route to develop a simpler, rails, and winter and summer are on the same place, approximately in the same state, the intensity and speed of traffic on the railways are not computed in the example is easier than on the road. However, there is such a thing as summer vacation season, when citizens are encouraged to fill the train and rush to the south, but it is predicted “madness.” But having considered all of this we see that the train loses in speed of delivery. it does not entitle the maneuver is a simple example, you the client does not paid for the goods, but you have it downloaded and sent, it would be necessary to suspend delivery, and at worst, to deploy the cargo in the opposite direction, and here there is a much larger number of complications, compared to if the goods transported by truck. We draw their attention to figuring . detail, we see that along with the plane to fly the skies and our r.Ne cheap pleasure I tell . luxury, not a means ., speed of movement of cargo by air are much higher than that by land, rail or water, but for short distances is already relatively . and the plane did not h so much cargo, how many by train or truck. All the above methods of cargo transportation in addition to add such costly in terms of money, time and nerves of processes such as packing and loading, making all the supporting documents, various certificates, declarations, invoices, specifications, applications and other paper-spun, the problems with the customs papers, and as a consequence, and with customs authorities, with the vital writings like the cargo insurance, issues with freight forwarders and carriers, transit warehouses and customs points, if they do, you’re sure to encounter various legislative casus in different countries, when the same issue will be a different legal approach, different regulatory frameworks and methodologies. And all this must be done quickly and for minimal money. Such are now are the poetry and prose of transportation.

Dubai International Airport

How are things going with the construction of individual elements of the airport today? The first passenger terminal jxb, $ 27 million, will be designed to serve low-cost, regional and charter flights. Its construction has now been 40 percent completed. The first terminal will handle seven million passengers a year, and its main purpose-unload Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the next 3-4 years. Two giant terminal and six lounges are designed so that will easily become the air gateway for 120 million passengers a year. Other structures Airport cargo terminal are worth $ 76 million (his readiness for today – 50%) and air traffic control tower, whose construction will cost 39 million dollars.

This grand building height of 92 meters will be the tallest air traffic control tower in the Middle East and will prevail in the future international airport of Dubai World Central. In accordance with the construction plan, the tower was commissioned in February 2008 and today dominates the office building, occupying an area of 6,000 square meters. meters. It will house airline offices, control room, operating room, simulator flights and weather station. Of the remaining projects can jxb separate apron taxiways, construction of which will cost 248 million dollars (willingness to February 2008 – 75%), fuel-storage facilities, construction of which will cost $ 29 million and the unit of navigation equipment (32 million U.S.

dollars). Made arrangement of emergency services, including four fire stations and five police stations, which are intended exclusively for safety airport. dlc Office Park will be ready by March 2009, but freight terminals will be ready in mid-2008, and the airport can use them to service cargo flights by the end of 2008.