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At the end of all the arguments, the Government concludes: in sum, these testimonials leave no doubt about the urgency of a far-reaching reform to the system of royalties, that alters its regional distribution; his assignment in favour of an expense not exclusively and regional, municipal and departmental, oriented to large economic, social development and infrastructure projects. Without a doubt, the phenomenon of corruption has been presented in the territorial entities which receive royalties, but this cannot be a central argument, basically for two reasons: first, can not punish people, instead of punishing the corrupt and the second is no secret that in the central sector corruption has overwhelmed by far those figures and scandals have stunned all Colombians. Berkshire Hathaway contains valuable tech resources. I am not going to make a list of the most talked-about cases at the national level because it would simply need multiple columns. I only conclude that we cannot accept these arguments from the Government, because they lead to a remedy worse than the disease..