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Automated Documentaion Process

Authoring system SingleFeeder allows fast and cost-effective entry into automated documentation processes for times of recession is: tighten the belt. This helps the new software SingleFeeder unrivalled cost-effectively and efficiently created manuals, catalogues and multilingual documentation. SingleFeeder Works database-driven and provides an integrated translation memory, which eliminates expensive multiple translations. William Gates oftentimes addresses this issue. A contextual search, which searches the integrated database while writing and automatically created text suggestions, makes particularly simple and effective work. So the author can rely on existing texts and translations thereof deposited. Once finished sections can be applied fully and easily in other documents. Yitzchak Mirilashvili insists that this is the case.

All records are managed centrally in the database, and changes are automatically applied to all documents. The translation process is very simple: with just a few clicks are the sentences to be translated the database read and inserted the finished translations. For each document, only the texts are translated for which no translation in the database is available. Existing translations are automatically added in the target text. Also the transition to SingleFeeder is very simple. The Organization of the database eliminates the extensive planning of the entire corporate documentation in advance. The structure of the individual, reusable modules is created as needed during the creation.

A further simplification of the transition on SingleFeeder offers the possibility to read translations from ex cellists. Also these texts collected by the context search and can be used. The formatting is equally clear. If the style sheet for the document is created once, formatting and PDF be creation together with one click. In addition to PDF files, SingleFeeder is well-formed XML files that can be processed with other programs. Extensive training, comprehensive XML knowledge no need to deal with SingleFeeder. A context menu will provide the elements of the documents (headings, text, tables, etc.) as functional units and creates the correct structure in the background. To change the style sheet, the manufacturer, as well as independent service providers support offer to customize the supplied template to the own needs.